From sketch to Jansen, ODS is the architect’s sparring partner

Architects are artists who like to push boundaries and give rise to sensational objects. We are passionate about spacious, open constructions with a lot of glass and ample light.

ODS provides feedback and advice to achieve a unique architectural vision from the very first sketch design. With Jansen, we offer innovative solutions and technical support, allowing you as an architect to realise projects that do justice to the original design, both technically and aesthetically speaking.

ODS is your ideal partner for stability calculations, construction drawings and expert tender assessments.

Our project consultants offer practical support in your tender process. In the preliminary stage, we join forces with you and study all the details. Throughout the construction phase, you have all the tools offered by ODS at your disposal in addition to tender monitoring. We provide information on quality and maintenance prescriptions. Rely on our expertise and we will help you realise your projects.

Think freely, we will join your thought process and help with your design!

Jansen by ODS