JansenbyODS at Dutch Design Week

16/10/2020 | news

The Exploded View is the representation of a multi-year research program of “The Embassy of Circular and Biobased Building” in which designers, entrepreneurs, researchers, policymakers and storytellers, work together. The Embassy actively asks itself the question: which climate and people-friendly solutions can be found and realized for the enormous construction task facing the Netherlands? They formulate and materialize their answers themselves in a “live research” and “storytelling” installation. “In the model and on a life-size blueprint we show what we have discovered, but also show what we don’t know yet. We discuss the qualities of biobased materials and circular methodologies and indicate where the growth opportunities lie.

Jansenbyods is strategic partner of this project, which will cover two editions. The two-year timeline is a perfect opportunity for designers and pioneers from the world of circular and biobased construction to work on new perspectives for a more sustainable design, construction and living environment. This so-called Embassy of Circular & Biobased Building is part of World Design Embassies – a program of the Dutch Design Foundation. Biobased Creations, currently curator of the Embassy, is also the initiator and designer of The Growing Pavilion.

Jansen by ODS - LocHal

Steel Jansen façades are known for more than half a century in international architectural projects. Apart from the aesthetic value, it’s mostly the versatility and the multiple solutions the material offers that is appealing to designers. Recent studies have shown that the reuse potential of steel is one of its biggest advantages for the circular economy. Exactly that aspect we are incorporating in our business. We have developed an integral service where we harvest old façades and bring them into a next cycle as a refurbished façade.

Jansen by ODS - LocHal

 Steel as platform sharing partner

The next step is to do that with new and more intelligent profiles and make prefabricated buildings and constructions. Because steel can take up more load and may be reused endlessly, these simple facts have triggered us to design a new strategy around the idea of transformation potential and demountable light weight constructions.

We have formed a partner network around this idea. Architects, builders, maintenance and Harvest, all in one, as a service we call Harvest Bay®. “The end is where we start from”, it doesn’t matter where you enter the circle.

Three circular flavours

Circularity comes in three options. Waste can be the source of new parts of buildings. Harvest Bay wants to show this important aspect in its purest form. This is labour intensive but you cannot show this in a more basic way. When further developing the industrial processes to an extent where steel parts can be mass produced and used in multiple cycles, we may find a concept for social housing and everybody wins. In and around Eindhoven living labs are being developed where these ideas can be put into practice and will be monitored. DDW 2021 will be an important moment to bring results of these experiments.

A design project may also be a pleasure. In cooperation with Studio.fede we have developed a concept for a small circular unit. Function, size, location and time of use are decisions the user makes him- or herself. In just a few clicks you will generate your pavilion. We’ll take care of the rest. After use you can upload it on Harvest Bay to be used again and we’ll find another user. Will circularity become as easy as this? We have until DDW 2021 to find an answer to this together.